My passion for photography was born during my Swedish upbringing.

Years of travel and working at sea – always with a camera close by - gave me a special eye for how to captivate unique images. Photos of people, buildings, and what I love the most – the ocean – follow me where I go. After working around the world on professional yachts, I moved to Squamish with my husband. I still live my dream, now raising our three children and working as a photographer. As our kids have become busy students, I have pursued technical photographic training and turned my passion into a dedicated profession. In portraits, I love to catch the natural smiles, laughing eyes, glancing looks and tiny expressions. Head shots come alive with tiny details and natural light, and my ambition is always to bring out the best in every individual. In real estate shots, I feature the surroundings and the building details, creating a vivid impression of a house as your home. With an abundance of natural light and the BC wilderness, I have the perfect ingredients for capturing eye catching images of people and places.