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Hi, I'm Jannicke


My passion for photography was born during my Swedish upbringing and years of travel and
working at sea. I've always had a camera close by and it developed a special eye for how to

captivate unique images.

After working around the world on professional yachts for 8 years, I moved to Squamish, a small
town in British Columbia, Canada, with my husband. I still live my dream, now raising our three children and working as an ex-pat photographer as our family travels with my husbands work. Currently, we live in Hamburg Germany.

As our kids have become busy students, I have pursued technical photographic training and
turned my passion into a dedicated profession. My areas of photography range from headshots, family, corporate, & product.

Each one is my favourite in their own special way.

 I feel that headshots come alive with tiny details and natural light, and my ambition is always to bring out the best in every individual. In my pictures, you should find yourself just as you really are – natural, beautiful and unique in your own personal way. A professional headshot comprises much more than just a selfie in your car or a terrible cropped picture of you from a wedding. You may even have access to a professional camera but what about all the other elements that go into a portrait? Like an attractive posture, your expression, mood, wardrobe and how all these essential elements influence others on how they perceive of you. So whether you’re an executive, actor, realtor, or someone who knows the importance of personal branding, our professional headshot portraits are what will definitely set you apart, engage with your audience and steer you to success! 

Family photography sessions can take place at your home or a local park in Hamburg.

You and your children, especially younger kids and babies will be more relaxed in a familiar environment.

Love, friendships and families have so many wonderful moments and stories to tell and it is my passion to hold on to that in my way of taking the pictures. In portraits, I love to catch the natural smiles, laughing eyes, glancing looks and tiny expressions. Celebrate and capture their Moments so they last forever.
Unhinged, silly and honest.

Products is particularly important in the field of brilliance, colour authenticity and material presentation. Noble products must be presented in high quality, 

the right lighting and position is a prerequisite. Furthermore, I will support you in this area with optimal post-processing for the perfect, professional product photo.

Proper photographing of accessories can be tedious. Depending on the product, the position is decisive. The customer does not only want to get a boring front view but an all-round view including detail focus. I can put your product in the best possible light.

An appreciation of photography & honest storytelling is essential to my clients & at the core of all I do is the belief that I'm brought together, with you, to create magic.



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